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Our hosted pharmaceutical data warehouse solution provides small and mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech companies the same robust analytics as large pharmaceutical companies.

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Maximize your sales and marketing effectiveness with pharmaceutical sales and marketing analytics.

Achieving growth and profitability in today's pharmaceutical industry means leveraging one of your most important assets: data. Data that tells the story of territory and product performance, campaign and targeting effectiveness, or which marketing programs delivered a high return on your investment.

Effective pharmaceutical analytics enables firms to leverage that data turning it into sales and marketing insights for well-informed, profitable business decisions.

Getting data into the hands of those who need it, when they need it, is the heart of successful data management.

In ninety days or less Biltmore will implement a pharmaceutical data management solution that helps you measure and improve the effectiveness of your marketing programs and your sales force so you can drive the most value possible from your business data.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Analytics a Prescription for Better Decisions

To increase their advantage in the field, sales reps must be armed with relevant, timely and consolidated customer information. Meanwhile, management needs market insights to answer the most challenging business questions. Nobody wants to decipher rows and columns of raw data. They need dashboards, scorecards, and tactical territory information which deliver the insights that fuel smart decisions and maximize resources.

With powerful ad-hoc querying capabilities, My Vital Signs RxTM empowers sales operations and market research departments within small and mid-tier pharmaceutical companies to leverage analytics to make better decisions and improve their sales force and marketing effectiveness.

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Advantages of a Biltmore Pharmaceutical
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Fast answers
The same high level of pharmaceutical sales analytics as your largest competitors - in seconds.
A centralized pharmaceutical analytics solution replaces the management nightmare of one-off spreadsheets. Rapid implementation
Hit the ground running with pharmaceutical data management in 90 days or less.
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